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Instructions for DA photos and using VIOS are in the links below. DA Photo Instructions Camp Mabry DA Photo Locations VIOS Instructions Army Ribbon Checker (unofficial) The DA Photo is used to quickly determine a Soldier’s professionalism and military bearing while conducting a board or in a situation where the Solider is not physically present.

The Service Records series combines both official service record files from the Adjutant General's Office and alphabetical files created by other agencies that contain records related to an individual's service in a military unit.And most importantly: both you and your military family must consistently update your information to DEERS, in order to receive full TRICARE benefits.WHEN TO UPDATE YOUR DEERS INFORMATION If you are an active duty military service member and decide to re-enlist, separate, retire, or move, make sure your information gets updated in DEERS as soon as possible.Soldiers should check their records before having their photo taken to ensure all medals, badges, ribbons etc. AR 640-30 (Photographs for Military Human Resources Records) states that photos are valid for five (5) years and can only be taken at authorized Visual Information (VI) activities, as required by AR 640-30 (Photographs for Military Human Resources Records).According to AR 640-30 (Photographs for Military Human Resources Records), the following Soldiers will have an initial photograph made within 60 days of: A new photograph is required when there is an award of the Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) or above.

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