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Bear in mind also that even when studies report positive findings, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a significant difference in appearance.

That is, you may end up with a little more hair or thicker hair shafts, but you may not notice it.

There’s no standard wavelength or energy dosage used, and it’s not known what an optimal treatment protocol would be.

It’s not even clear who might benefit—some people may be more responsive, depending on the type of hair loss and individual differences.

Animal research dating back to the 1960s first noted that LLLT stimulated hair growth.

It has been proposed that LLLT may alter cell metabolism in hair follicles and increase tissue oxygenation and vasodilation, among other mechanisms.

My hair obsession has returned as I face the realities of my new single status.

When my hair began to shed at age 31, I had thought nothing of it.

It was so thick and wavy, I hardly noticed a difference, and simply passed it off as a slight change.

If you’re concerned about hair loss, a dermatologist should evaluate you to determine the cause of the problem and advise you about possible treatments.

The laser devices are meant to be used only for common hair loss.

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