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He began studying at university, but found it difficult to get work and accommodation.

"While I was looking for accommodation, that was one of the areas that I felt discriminated," he said."As a student I was looking for share accommodation and somebody would be calling to organise some of the houses that I was interested to apply for, and when I turn up later would tell me sorry we don't have enough room.

Sometimes you're scared to say I am from Sudan, maybe they will run away," Elssaied says."Sometimes I say, Sunshine," he says, referring to the suburb where they live in Melbourne's west.

He laughs, but it's not always something he can make light of. How can they help their children when they're struggling themselves?

Many of those surveyed experienced isolation and reported being discriminated against, particularly when it came to employment and housing.On the other side of Melbourne's suburban fringe, another group of African mums are talking about the same challenges of raising children in a country that's very different from their own, and one where they sometimes feel like outsiders.Here in Dandenong, Jewish organisers and volunteers bring together a group of mostly Islamic women within the walls of a Christian church.She feels the weight of how her children are viewed by the media and broader society."We are parents like every parent in Australia.We waken our kids in the morning for school, we make them their lunches."We are not happy with what's happening.

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