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His association with the Desert Robber Fly may stem from the fact that this insect too, has a hump on his back and a prominent proboscis. To the Hopi, he is known as "Kokopilau" - meaning "wood hump".

Frequently shown as a hump-backed flute player, this mythic being has survived in recognizable form from Anasazi times to the present.

Kokopelli, distinguished by his hunch-back, dancing pose, and flute, is the only anthropomorphic petroglyph to have a name, an identity, and an established gender.

His name may have been derived from the Zuni name for god ("Koko") and the Indian name for the Desert Robber Fly ("pelli").

Below, is a compilation of stories collected through many hours of research.

Certainly, you can find more stories (and images in Art) on the World wide web.

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