Saltire dating

Crest: A youth's [felon's] head couped at the shoulder and a rope round the neck (no tinctures given) (Armorial Bearings in The Cheshire Visitations exemplified by Martin S. Goldstraw and reproduced here with his kind permission).Davenport of Calvely Arms: Quarterly - 1 and 4 Argent, a chevron between three cross-crosslets fitchee Sable, a crescent Or for difference.

The coat of arms of Reginald Land, of North York, Ontario, Canada Gules on a pale Argent between in chief two open books Proper bound Or a sword point upward and a foul anchor in saltire surmounted by a calumet in pale bowl upward all interlaced with a chaplet of olive leaves Azure between two Loyalist civil coronets in pale Gules; Crest: On a helmet mantled Gules doubled Argent within a wreath of these colours issuant from a circle of trillium flowers Argent seeded Or leaved Vert a demi griffin Azure wings semé of crosses botonné Or its dexter paw resting on a closed book upright Gules clasped Or.The Scottish Secretary said Dover House on Whitehall would fly the England flag as long as UK Government departments displayed the Saltire in 2022 - a vote of confidence in the Scottish team's qualification chances for the next World Cup in Qatar.At Prime Minister's Questions, Mrs May was asked to "signal her government's support" for the England team, who have already qualified for the knockout stage of the competition and will face Belgium in their final group game on Thursday.Quarterly of Nine Tannatt of Broxton - Quartly of nine Arms: Quarterly of nine- 1st Per fess Argent and Sable, a lion rampant counterchanged [EINION EVELL, for TANNATT] 2nd Argent, a chevron Gules between three pheons Sable {KADWGAN BACHOW] 3rd Per bend Ermine and Ermines, over all a lion rampant Or [TREVOR] 4th Ermine, a lion rampant Azure [ELIDOR AP RYS SAIS] 5th Gules, three chevronels Argent [JESTIN AP GWRGANT] 6th Sable, three nags' heads erased Argent [BROCHWELL ISGYTHROC, for LLOYD OF GILDFELD] 7th Argent, a chevron between three pigeons [ravens] Sable, each having an Ermine spot in the beak [LLOWARCH AP BRAN? ] Over all an escucheon of pretence, quarterly of four - 1 and 4 Argent, a cross and bordure both engrailed Sable. [Horton] 3 [Argent] and eagle, wings elevated [Sable], preying on an infant [proper] swadddled Gules.] 8th Vert, a lion rampant Or [CYNFIN] 9th Or, a lion rampant Azure [CADWGAN] (Armorial Bearings in The Cheshire Visitations exemplified by Martin S. Goldstraw and reproduced here with his kind permission). [Culcheth] Crest: On a chapeau Azure, turned up Ermine, a pansy proper, stalked Vert.

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