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Using an array of sources, these scholars were successful in showing that Africa not only had a history but that its history and the writing of it date back to ancient Antiquity.

Ancient and classical writers wrote about Africa, even though their writings were unsystematic.

Nearly all of the journals cited here are now available and accessible online, either directly through the individual publisher or through JSTOR.

Africa concentrates on society and culture, while African Economic History concentrates on economic history.Europa’s annual single-volume Africa South of the Sahara series provides the best-updated, rare, and valuable information on recent history for each African country. The most authoritative is the Journal of African History, which publishes on all areas of African history, as does International Journal of African Historical Studies.History in Africa is focused specifically on historical methods, with emphasis on the use of nonwritten sources.Rejecting the privileging of written sources, it argued for and adopted the disciplined, rigorous, and corroborative use of a variety of sources and multidisciplinary methods from archaeology, ethnography, anthropology, linguistics, and art history to oral traditions.The nature, dynamic, and development of the subject of African historiography have attracted the attention of many scholars.

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