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Middle schoolers, Shiro and Masumi, encountered a mysterious dragon that brought them back to the time of the Three Kingdoms; situated in ancient China.

As soon as they arrived, they were rescued by the Han Kingdom.

The originality develops without harming the Three Kingdoms background and within it lies an ingenuity of direction and focus; whilst ROTK was a story on the Three Kingdoms era, Ryuuroden is a story of a focal hero in the Three Kingdoms era with a designated enemy that brings chaos and destruction against the Three Kingdoms era itself.

This theme is so deeply and perfectly crafted that the Three Kingdoms era could still exist without being harmed in itself; i.e.

The plane ride scene both the MC's were playing around and the love interest were talking about the MC in very similar ways.Anyone who has read or watched the saint seiya franchise will understand how the story goes with just my previous statement.I cant stand it anymore I've reached chapter 91 when I wrote this edit but this is enough...est classé dans la catégorie Shonen et a d'abord été prépublié dans le magazine Gekkan Shounen Magazine.L'oeuvre n'a pas encore été licenciée en France à ce jour (en cours de parution au Japon avec 17 tomes) .

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