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Some advantages to portable solar: trailer in shade, panel in sun; the panel stays with you should you change trailers. Two hinged panels have fold-out legs attached, that fold flat into it's own rugged carrying case with handle. The charge controller is attached to the back and it comes with a long cable. Inside the trailer I properly mounted a TM2030 monitor and a TS 2030 Solar control with cutoff fuses close to the batteries.Cable has a heavy duty quick disconnect on the end which couples to short cable attached to your batteries. I ran #6Awg to a connector by the batteries to which I can attach 20ft of#6 welding cable which plugs into the truck so I can charge while driving and park my trailer in the shade and move the truck around in the sun. I was envisioning using a portable panel that rests on the ground and directly connect it to the battery? Can you use a portable solar panel not mounted to the Airstream to charge the batteries?Have to get a reprogram on the controller so I can equalize a bit easier ( automatic) but otherwise no complaints.George We also have the ZAMP 200W portable and find it to be our only charging system that really works on the Airstream. We plan to install the Boondocker in the spring so that there will be 2 charging systems that really work. We have the case for it but have never found a way to secure it inside the trailer while traveling so it ends up in the TV. The only issue I have with the 200w is the size of the panels and its about 47lbs compared to about 34lbs for the 160. Kelvin I'm finding many Zamp dealers have backorders for the 160w and 200w systems that won't be filled until June.

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These will usually come with a multi-stage charge controller and attach directly to the batteries.

They come in wattages from approximately 30-150 watts. Mine is 200W I posted somewhere else about my solution which was to put 3 100watt flexible renogy panels on the cap of my truck using a short run of #10 gauge to a proper 2pole Pollak ( female)plug on the truck.

I could slide the 160 folded on end and still close my tonneau top on my truck but I won't be able to do it with the 200. I have some recliners I have to lay flat so I could place it on top of them. Regarding storing in a 25fb you could put it on end between the queen bed and the front windows. Apparently the west coast dock slowdowns have delayed shipments of solar panels from Asia.

Kelvin I just purchased a small solar panel to trickle charge my batteries.

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