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The house was on Jacksonville Drive in Henderson and Tom believes it is still there.The letter dated Wednesday 5th December 1962, was from a disc jockey to Jim Reeves.It is not known exactly when the ANDREW JORDAN JIM REEVES CLUB was formed, but it seems likely it was while Jim was still alive, as the typed biography he sent out was written in the present tense.David Bussey can't remember how he found out about the club, but he sent off his 5 shillings membership fee to join. Then on 21st February 1965 he read a copy of the national newspaper, the Sunday People and was shocked. Jordan saying in strong terms that the complainants in the newspaper had actually received something - he had received nothing! Jordan sent him 2 copies of the same poor quality photo plus the 2 page biography still written in the present tense, but no black-edged memoriam card. Just how many hundreds of fans parted with their 5 shillings is unknown, but thankfully Mr.Slim Whitman was very popular in the British Isles and I remember attending a sold-out show he did in Croydon, near London, in the early 90's.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, Tom Perryman played a Jim Reeves song for David Bussey who ran the Official Jim Reeves fan club of Great Britain, and who is considered to be the senior Jim Reeves historian.

The Official British Jim Reeves Fan Club was first & foremost a fan organisation with a common aim where all could contribute. Such groups are just brushed aside today by the elitist webmasters & so-called authorities the other side of the water who consider themselves far superior to a group of people who belong to an affectionately named "European fan site." But things are much different now and all these "Johnny come latelies" who have mysteriously appeared since 1998 and consider themselves experts in the field are no longer FANS in the sense they were 50 years ago. Things can never be the same, but it is my intention, one way or another, to pay due tribute to all those individuals I personally got to know via the fan club, many of whom are still supportive.

In the book to end all books, the author devotes much time and effort into formulating his opinionated disquisition into the most nauseous & repugnant part of his story - the tragic, untimely death of Jim Reeves in an air crash.

Despite Gilbert Gibson's submission that Jim was not popular in South Africa until his 1960 hit "He'll have to go", there is evidence to show he had record releases in that country at least 5 years before. To celebrate it we share a never before published picture of Jim Reeves with you . On Monday 20th August 1962 Jim was about to commence his South African tour at the Ellis Park Centre Court Stadium in Johannesburg. Before the performance he sent off a letter home for the benefit of all his fans.

A world wide exclusive, made possible by the generosity of fan club member Mr. The letter was to be included in the August issue of the US fan club magazine.

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