Persian men culture towards dating women

For example, the most important Iranian holiday remains Nourouz, (the advent of spring) a pre-Islamic celebration.Ba’hai Iranians are still persecuted in different ways.When first meeting someone, it is best to be serious.It takes time and reassurance to gain someone’s trust.This depends on the person’s personality and gender.Between men (or between women), a good distance is about a meter; between a man and a woman, the appropriate distance is about three meters.(This is only a guideline; the context determines the distance.) It is best to keep some distance when you first meet someone, to show that you are listening and respect the other person’s feelings.

This is an extreme way of seeing things, but there is some truth to it.There are also differing views regarding the true meaning and correct observation of Islam, which does not always accord with current government practices.All these factors and more make the discussion of religion and politics very controversial.Also avoid asking questions about peoples’ private lives (spouses, etc.).Iranians are very hesitant to share information about their private lives—even with friends.

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