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It shot my credit card bills way up and in 2012 after being in denial I knew this was a problem as I had a hard time keeping up with the bills.

An email came in, said Perfect Match dating database was obtained by The Right One and Together Dating.I also was wondering if a lawsuit can be brought up to the people involved with this dating scam. I signed up for e Love in the Missouri chapter and have had no matches that even come close to the criteria that I had requested in a match. I asked for educated, healthy, height weight proportioned, they could not find any compatible matches.Feel like that have nobody in my age group and anytime someone signs up they match me even if they don't fit my criteria, just to make a match. I thought if you paid this kind of money you would get a higher caliber of matches than the free sites and I was wrong.With the takeover of those 2 companies nothing was ever done as the service rotted away with 95% of the member being "On Hold" and no longer active.I emailed whoever was in charge and told them to stop my membership sometime in 2005 and stop charging my credit card.

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