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Today, October 26th, when I just uploaded some new photos, & and I clicked Save ~ all sorts of lovely images have replaced quotation marks, accent marks and ....

My apologies for the "interesting" read this is now providing ....

I was just reading a local health food stores' newsletter online, and felt the need to share the following from it: "~ Small businesses accounted for 65 percent of all net new jobs over the past 17 years.

~ Small businesses currently employ 77 million Americans.

~ If every family in the country spent a month at local businesses, more than .3 billion would be returned to local economies." Sources: Small Business Administration; Civic Economics; American Booksellers Association Please take a listen & look at a clever 2.5 minute video I just posted in my GMO Info area: Top 5 GMO Lies. After you've finished watching, there are plenty of other videos & a link to join millions of concerned Americans in signing a petition to ask our government to require labeling, like 65 other nations have! The two pictured below at the bottom, are from their Winter 2016 Festive collection & are for our 2017 winter holiday season.

It would take me hours to read thru 131 pages of text to locate all these changes which just happened in an instant .....

& since some of their replacements are not things I can simply paste (i.e.

They are, quite appropriately festive ; ) The other three are from their Moody Blues collection & to me, speak as harbingers of spring, but are, oh so lovely, year round = ) I believe they will delight all!

Thank you all who joined us for the 30th annual Gingerbread Show at Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Plains the 1st 2nd weekends of December!

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