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What if you put up a wish list, but don't show skin?

Katneko's site Linuxkitty self-consciously mocks some of the seductive come-ons of the cam world.

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"They're gifts, and like all good things, acceptable.

The gifts came from total strangers and online friends alike, people the girls had gotten to know through their Web sites.

Katneko's younger sister, 15-year-old Brandi, was so impressed by all of the goodies arriving at their home from people the girls had never met in person that Brandi set up a personal page on her big sis's site so she could beg for her own loot.

None of the cam girls interviewed for this story copped to any such payoff.

Charisma says: "I never promise to do anything in return for the gifts other than to say thank you or send a thank you card.

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