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Call numbers follow each title to indicate where you can find these items in our collections.

Some items are located in or near the Government Documents shelves. Please select a topic scroll down this page to browse titles: Includes names, addresses, phone numbers for the Supreme Court, appellate court and trial court clerks, on a state-by-state basis.

Please feel free to ask a librarian for assistance or for recommendations based on your personal reading preferences. That's no longer available, but we do have a directory to business, housing, legal, and other forms online you can reach through this link.

Also be sure to explore our general research databases and complete encyclopedias for more information.

Supreme Court decisions are available in paper copy from 1789 forward.This site links to legal home pages that actually maintain the information.As its name suggests, Fed Law primarily includes links to federal laws, rules, and regulations, federal judicial decisions, and general research and reference sources.This source is important in understanding the legislative history of a public law.The Legislative History Table in each volume is arranged by Public Law number, provides the citation to the Statutes at Large, bill number, and citations to committee reports, and dates of consideration and passage in the Congressional Record.

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