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For each entry on the results page, Google lists the name of the site.

This is followed by a summary of the site, usually with the first few lines of content, the URL of the page that matched, the size and date the page was last crawled, a Exploring Google's Web-based Interface 3 Le Musee virtuel du cochon museeducochon blogspot com/ ^ Translate this page Dec 17, 2010 - Le Musee virtuel du cochon Tous sont bien nourris. FIGURE 1.2 cached link that shows the page as it appeared when Google last crawled it, and a link to pages with similar content.

This chapter takes a look at the basics of Google searching.desk 134 Summary 136 CHAPTER 8 Tracking Down Web Servers, Login Portals, and Network Hardware 137 Introduction 137 Locating and profiling web servers 138 Locating login portals 149 Using and locating various web utilities 151 Targeting web-enabled network devices 156 Locating network reports 156 Locating network hardware 157 Summary 158 CHAPTER 9 Usernames, Passwords, and Secret Stuff, Oh My!161 Introduction 161 Searching for usernames 162 Searching for passwords 163 Searching for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more 165 Social security numbers 167 Personal financial data 167 Searching for other juicy info 167 Summary 168 CHAPTER 10 Hacking Google Services 1 71 Calendar 171 Signaling alerts 172 Google co-op 173 Google's custom search engine 174 CHAPTER 1 1 Hacking Google Showcase 175 Introduction 175 Geek stuff 176 Open network devices 179 Open applications 186 Cameras 191 Telco gear 198 Power 203 Sensitive info 206 Summary 207 CHAPTER 12 Protecting Yourself from Google Hackers 209 Introduction 209 A good solid security policy 209 Web server safeguards 210 Software default settings and programs 214 Hacking your own site 214 Wikto 215 Advance dork 216 Getting help from Google 216 Summary 217 Fast track solutions 217 Links to sites 218 SUBJECT INDEX 219 CHAPTER 1 Google Search Basics INTRODUCTION Google's Web interface is unmistakable. Its "look and feel" is copyright-protected for good reason.What most people fail to realize is that the interface is also extremely powerful.Throughout this book, we will see how you can use Google to uncover truly amazing things.

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