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In 1959, the Girl Scout council in North San Mateo County, California, was presented with an offer from United Airlines San Francisco Management Club President J. Burnside to start an aviation program for Senior Girl Scouts.One of the highlights of the Wing Scout program was the courtesy flight provided to Senior Girl Scouts using United Airlines' jets.Lisetor-Lane later claimed Low's organization was luring members away but the GSA's growth was limited by a lack of financial resources which led to its eventual demise.The name reached its current form, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, in 1947.It first met in Hartshorn Hall at Virginia Union University.By the 1950s, GSUSA had begun significant national efforts to desegregate the camps and maintain racial balance.

They returned to their councils and began setting up Wing Scout troops.

For many of the girls, this was the first time they had flown in a plane.

Senior Girl Scouts who had been in the program for three years were given the opportunity to take over the controls during flight in a small aircraft.

Girl Scout troops were organized, even in these camps.

These girls participated in many activities, including dramatic presentations that took place in the Crystal City Internment Camp in Crystal City, Texas.

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