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She knows for about a year know, but we never have really used it. My mother in law turned 50 years old, which is something special here.

So she rented a big hall for the entire family and stuff. So i brought some Q16" Happy Birthday balloons with me to decorate.

Well, the last couple of weeks have opened my eyes about this, and i really want to share this with you.

Expand text Me and my girlfriend have a relationship for about 1,5 years now. But there was 1 thing that has been missing, and that is my balloon fetish.

Therefore, I’ve reached out to a number of hot antelope, and have had them share their experiences with me so that I can also provide advice to women, on how to date Dutch men.

For today’s post, once more I’ve solicited the assistance of a young Dutch antelope, Roxy, of the blog Roxy’s Amsterdam Avonturen who will share her experiences of the most common mistakes made by men (Dutch and others) during dates.

Obviously, being the elegant, amusing (and some would say bloody annoying) fossil that I am, I have considerable experience in dating Dutch women.

As the shallow man drives his car only on one side of the road, I have no experience in dating Dutch men.

I know a lot of you are stuggling with telling you gf/bf about your fetish.

Probably one of the worst mistakes a man can ever make is to compare his date with her friends.

“You’re a lot prettier than….”, is quite simply just a terrible, terrible attempt at a compliment.

Has applied the crack dealer principle to this post.

Give some away free and then you have them hooked for life.

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