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It has been speculated this was because the authorities didn't want their citizens to see the predominantly US aid for Haitian earthquake victims.Today there are several FM stations, three mediumwave stations and three shortwave stations.(b) The requirements for these exemptions are contained in this part as follows: executive employees, subpart B; administrative employees, subpart C; professional employees, subpart D; computer employees, subpart E; outside sales employees, subpart F.Subpart G contains regulations regarding salary requirements applicable to most of the exemptions, including salary levels and the salary basis test.Unlike Radio Myanmar, other (commercial) stations are primarily entertainment stations.In the past, radio sets were usually tuned to government stations, however, uncensored information from stations such as BBC, VOA, Radio Free Asia and Democratic Voice of Burma (based in Oslo, Norway) were available from sets smuggled into the country and were (and still are) popular, though some people caught listening to broadcasts were arrested in the past.During the 2007 protests, the stations were used to broadcast messages critical of foreign media.In February 2010, CNN was (temporarily) removed from Burmese TV.

Journalists are often harassed, arrested or jailed for reporting unfavourable news that reflects badly on the country or the regime.

There are also about 15 newspapers published daily, devoted entirely to football.

There are seven TV stations in Myanmar, of which, MTV1 and MTV2 are the main channels. MRTV-3 is an English-language channel aimed at an international audience.

Beginning in September 2011, the historically pervasive levels of Internet censorship were significantly reduced.

International news sites, including Voice of America, BBC, and Radio Free Asia, long blocked by Burmese censors, had become accessible overnight.

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