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This aspiring social media star is drawing backlash on social media after blasting some black men who don’t date black women.On Wednesday, writer Tiffany Jolene took to Facebook with a very specific dating frustration.“@Keri Hilson open up your DMs so I can shoot my shot 😂,” someone tweeted before Hilson urged him to hit her up later. Y’all wcw only wants to date white men because all she’s previously dated was high profile ball players with access to thousands of women. I'm not a bird that you saw after walking in the zoo.\r\n Dating in 2016 feels like trying to \"prove\" to a man that you're worth a phone call, text reply, date..& I don't have the energy for it\r\n— Shavonta Arline ™ (@i Love_Vonnie) May 28, 2016\r\n\r\n\r\n We all have met someone who seemed too good to be true. Feelings.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n He probably said:\r\n-He's been busy\r\n-Work stuff\r\n-Family issues\r\n-Needed to think\r\n-Really like you and I don't wanna ruin it too fast\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n You explain that he can't be inconsistent.. In the back of your head you're like why and what if? It's all legit..\r\n\r\n Everything legit..\r\n\r\n But then..

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“I’m glad you used your voice and your talent to talk about your experience.” Asia Bilal commented: “The same men she’s talking about will disrespect ya asses in a minute.

After all the \"soul swiping\", you finally get someone who seems to want what you want and is on the same page. He says he understands.\r\n\r\n You know what you want and you thought he did too. \r\n\r\n It's annoying that you wasted time.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n SO..\r\n Ya'll reading this thread.. It happens...\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n The feeling comes. It's unexplainable...\r\n\r\n It's this feeling of doubt.\r\n This \"What If\" feeling.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n We try to ignore it but we can't..\r\n By now you done told us how much you like us and where you see us going and how you gonna make us better.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n Guys.. Sounds familiar.\r\n\r\n How does the guy go about fixing it? You iron his clothes.\r\n\r\n None of that matter for a guy who's not ready.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n And then when ya'll breakup you spend days tryna figure out what you did wrong.\r\n\r\n It wasn't you Sharon it wasn't you. 🙏🏾\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016So..

It's going good for awhile and then out of nowhere things change and you start to live out the lyrics of a Drake song.\r\n\r\n\r\n[caption id=\"attachment_47615\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"700\"] Photo: tumblr[/caption]\r\n\r\n\r\n Sometimes the writing is on the wall and other times the rug is pulled right from under you. One Twitter user came through with some words of wisdom when it comes to shooting your shot, missing and getting closure.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Okay I'm having a conversation with a friend and honestly I feel impressed to do this thread for girls on...\r\n\r\n\"The Indecisive Perfect Guy\"\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n Ya'll start talking and the vibe is DOPE. Now it's different.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n He went from a stranger to a genuine interest... Just take longer to develop those permanent feelings.\r\n\r\n We spoke to you based on temp feelings and now.. Time.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n So what do we do? \"I'll handle this emotion later\"\r\n\r\n We convince ourselves we're ready for stuff we're not.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n We convince ourselves and convince you after that period of uncertainty that we're good to go.\r\n\r\n We start dating.\r\n You ECSTATIC.\r\n You HYPE.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n You date to marry. Or physically (cheated)\r\n\r\n Because of that feeling.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n So..... \r\n Let's explain that and then that's it.\r\n\r\n— Not Really (@Non Prophet_) June 15, 2016\r\n\r\n You cook better then his Momma. If you're in one of those relationship or have been.

” I’m SUPER single for the record— Idc if he’s black, blue or purple— if he’s a man of great character, loyal & deserving of my heart & treats me right…

How did me joking about white men in my DM’s turn into “She’s dating a white man?

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