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Replacing speakers is actually a great upgrade for any amp of this era because speakers grow tired over the years, and a fresh set can yield a far greater improvement than most players would believe.

In fact, when I install new speakers in an old amp, the owner typically experiences a wow moment.

He also wanted to remove and safely stash the original speakers while they were still in working condition.

His idea was to thrash a new set of speakers on gigs and not be concerned about reliability or destroying a piece of Fender history.

It’s an easy and completely reversible that yields what I consider to be a more versatile amp.

Not long ago, a customer brought me a Vibrolux combo he’d recently acquired.

The Vibrolux Reverb delivers those qualities in a compact yet reasonably powerful package, which is one reason why it’s so popular.

It’s an archetypal blackface model with the most desirable features and tone of ’60s-era amps.

It also brings together a whole bundle of specs that make it perfect for just about any gig or studio date that requires such timeless attributes.

The guitarist with an eye and ear for late-'60s Fender "silverface" style will love the '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb, which honors the classic look and great sound of that era's amps.

The moderately powered Vibrolux Reverb received a fresh new face in 1968—a silver-and-turquoise front panel with aluminum grille cloth trim, with tone, reverb and tremolo that was still pure Fender.

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