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Film backs alone are now ,000, a 100% price increase over last year. There isn’t any, with the exception of Mamiya’s 645 AFD. I was quite happy with the Contax and its Zeiss lenses.But then in mid-2005 Kyocera, the company that has made Contax equipment for the past 20 years, apparently abrogated its contract with Carl Zeiss, and the product line was dead.Of course this didn’t render the Contax system unusable.But for someone like myself who is in part in the business of staying current with the latest gear so as to be able to write and teach about it, it did seem to have become something of a dead end, especially and eventually with regard to future digital backs.This is the kind of lapse of corporate judgment that makes one wonder what the executives at Hasselblad were thinking when they made this decision.__________________________________________________________________________ As many readers will know, Hasselblad is (was) a Swedish company, founded in the late 1940’s by Viprofessional medium format camera, developing an almost legendary reputation, aided in no small measure by being used in the US space program and especially on the Apollo moon landings.Actual ownership of the conglomerate is by Shiro Group, a Hong Kong based company.So effectively what we have is a Japanese made camera, designed in part by Swedes, owned by Chinese, and run by Danes. This is a firmware version upgrade, not a physical one.

The lenses for the H series are all designed and made by Fuji, but specified by Hasselblad.

Rollie, sadly, is a non-competitor outside of Europe.

By May, 2006, as this is written, we had lost Bronica and Contax.

Just as the digital juggernaut has swept away all but a mere handful of 35mm film cameras, so too in medium format.

Pentax is a shadow of its former self, having withdrawn all of its medium format film products from Europe, and with an as-yet unreleased digital body not due before year’s end.

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