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While their adventures are primarily episodic, each season includes an arc that follows the most famous arcs of the comic book with some fidelity. Furthermore, in the last season, its arc not only introduces the majority of the classic characters from the comic but also the members and enemies of the allied superhero team, The Doom Patrol. All five seasons of the show are likewise available on DVD, i Tunes and Netflix (not instant). The show has also returned in the form of chibi-fied shorts for Cartoon Network's new DC Nation block, called, appropriately enough, premiered as a part of the DC Nation block in 2013, with all of the original cast back as their respective characters. All episodes can be watched for free (with ads) on Cartoon Network's website, provided you sign in with a cable provider. On games after Volume 2, on certain days, such as Christmas Eve, or certain times such as a Saturday night, or even during Twilight, the announcer will mention the time of day or the special holiday, and sometimes grumble about it for playing the game at that time or day.Most versions of YDKJ offer the choice of playing a 7- or 21-question game; some versions offer only 15 questions (Netshow, LFF, 5th Dementia, Mock 2), and others offer only 13 questions (The Ride), 11 questions (Head Rush, «YDKJ-2011»), or 7 questions (The Lost Gold).

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The game would give a title for a child to read, and then ask questions related to that title.Since no one at Jellyvision at the time actually liked trivia games, we tried to figure out how to make trivia questions fun and engaging to us.When we realized that it was possible to ask about both Shakespeare and Scooby-Doo in the same question, YOU DON' T KNOW JACK was born." Gameplay The game can be played by one, two, or three players.Of-the-moment pop-culture references (that usually end up dated by the time the work of fiction makes its premiere) are certainly most common.The writers might also decide to change a character radically or create an "updated" Expy of an older character.

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