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Well then I ask you this, where are the women who think like you in my area???lol Single Dads seem to get commended a lot nowadays, but yet we have the driest luck in the dating pool...But for answering sake: I'm in the group that would.But there are different reasons why they are a single mom, and different personalities.OP ur a beautiful women of course men are going to date you.But ur young and most guys in their early 20s are not ready to be around children nevermind the responsibilities of having a child.

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I have been in a relationship for a little over 2 years with a single mom.

they might be weary but if they take the time to get to know you they will know that not all single moms are after their money.

I really was hoping this thread would get deleted because i think its just another thread for bashing single moms...let the bashing begin... When I see on her profile that she has kids, I just move along. For the most part if they are over 18 or 16 in WV and hot it is yes, but if the are butt ugly it would be a big NO!

We all want the things your looking for and there are just as many reasons we cant find it as there are reasons we can.

_VIXENSince you're a Canadian and I am one, I will give you one good reason.

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