Dating a music man amp

Steve Most any dates quoted regarding years of production on based on the contents of catalogs. It has a 2275-130 chassis number and a seven or eight digit serial number. If you can help give any information on how I can date the amp using the serial number I would greatly appreciate it.

If an amp that is in the 1979 catalog is not in the 1980 catalog, that doesn't mean that a few weren't still produced in early 1981, it just means that they were intended to be discontinued in 1980. I recall reading some information on this site that was about dating music man amps using the serial number but I can't find it now.

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Removing the chassis from the cabinet and finding a handwritten date is the only way to date it to a particular year as far as I know.

You can check this site for more info on the early Music Man instruments (This site is not run by the Ernie Ball company): If you have any other questions regarding your instrument, please email Music Man Customer Service at: [email protected] lists I have are meant as a ready-reckoner and will only give a rough idea of date. Ernie Ball has it's own data base for their instruments.

The date of an EB instrument can be obtained by posting in this thread and quoting your serial number.

Walker approached Leo Fender about financial help in the founding.

Because of a ten-year non-compete clause in the 1965 contract that sold the Fender companies to the CBS Corporation, Leo Fender became a silent partner.

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