Dating a male taurus

The Cancer man is an emotional and intuitive soul, plagued with vague worries and doubts.He seeks a partner who can respect his depth of feeling and provide some stability in troubled times.Dating a Taurus woman will propel you to an alternative universe, full of love, passion and some steamy action.Not only will a Taurus woman fulfill your desires selflessly, but she is fiercely loyal and devoted to making your relationship work.

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If she says she loves you, then she loves you like crazy and will never betray your trust. If someone talks badly about those close to her, she will defend them to the death.

If a Taurus woman commits to you, then rest assured she is in it for the long haul.

If a Taurus does not see a future, or think you are compatible, she will not waste of second of either of your time.

Both the Cancer man and the Taurus woman are relatively quiet, modest people.

They’re not the loudest at a party, and they enjoy their privacy.

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