Competing compromising collaborating avoiding accommodating

(Thomas/Killman, 1972 with further descriptions and analysis by Bonnie Burrell, 2001) The Competing Style is when you stress your position without considering opposing points of view.

This style is highly assertive with minimal cooperativeness; the goal is to win.

This can inhibit brainstorming sessions from being productive and can prevent the team from functioning.

People who overuse avoidance feel they cannot speak frankly without fear of repercussions.

Extreme behaviors can occur when avoidance is overused.Overuse of this style can be exhibited through constant tension or anger and occasional outbursts of violent temper.Under use of the competing style leads to a lowered level of influence, indecisiveness, slow action, and withheld contributions.Using this style can support open discussion of issues, task proficiency, equal distribution of work amongst the team members, better brainstorming, and development of creative problem solving.This style is appropriate to use frequently in a team environment.

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