Byzantine catholic dating

A stroll around the centre reveals the jewels of religious art and tradition.The Metropolis Cathedral of Athens is the spiritual center of Greek Orthodox and one of the most important holy sites in the city.It was founded in 1922 on the site of an earlier Christian temple and celebrates on July 17th.The Church of Agios Konstantinos & Eleni is located at the area of Omonoia, close to Metaxourgio neighbourhood.However, when I entered the Catholic Church, not long after my initial Christian conversion, I did so in the Byzantine Catholic (or “Greek Catholic”) tradition – one of the Eastern Catholic ritual traditions, in which parish clergy are normally married.For reasons I will discuss shortly, this is not currently the standard practice among Byzantine Catholics in North America.Of great interest are the frescoes painted in the 16th century by a monk from Mt. On the way to the top you will meet other monasteries and churches including Agios Ioannis, Taxiarches, Agios Markos and Agios Georgios.

Shortly after I became a Christian, at age 21, I began thinking about forgoing marriage – even though I was strongly attracted to the prospect of marriage, and belonged to a non-denominational Protestant group with no formal concept of “consecrated life.” Nonetheless, from the witness of Scripture and tradition, I could see that the unmarried state was a great gift, and one that God might possibly desire to give me.

The chapel is quite inspiring and it is accessed through a rocky path.

Other churches: the church of Agios Georgios and Agios Dionysios (Kolonaki), Agia Irini (downtown Athens), Agios Dimitrios (Filopapou Hill) and Agia Marina and the church of the Holy Apostles (Thyssio) are certainly worth seeing while you stroll around the centre of the historical city.

In the heart of this historical Greek town of Athens and its winding streets lie numerous churches of impressive architecture, dating back to 5th century.

Most of the churches in Athens are well-preserved, decorated with rare frescoes and icons.

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